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Tchibo Coffee Beans

Hi there, today I like to talk about my coffee beans. Right, whole beans. I realised my coffee powder is not really tasty – so I bought a coffee mill. And I startetd a test for the perfect beans. I took cheap beans from the Discounter, from Jacobs nand as well Fairtrade Bio Coffeebeans. But it was not really the best for my personal taste.

After a while I got a Tchibo Caffissimo capsule machine and started to order the capsules at the Tchibo Shop. In this Shop I finally found MY coffee beans. As you see, it`s not really cheap- but the taste is almost perfect. Tchibo has this crema beans in light and strong. They originally made for coffee automat but I take it for a filter machine. I like strong coffee in the morning and have two pots. With one pack of Tchibo coffee beans I reach three weeks.

Really recommended. Taste it and enjoy.