Two Main Types of Coffee Grinders

Coffee is made from ground beans. Sometimes coffee can be bought pre-ground so that it is easy and time efficient to make a pot for the morning. However, some people like to grind their own beans. The coarseness of the grinds can affect the taste of the coffee. This is why some people like to handle the grinding themselves. However, one needs a coffee grinder to accomplish this goal. This involves shopping around so that the right model can be found. After all, not all grinders are alike. Like any appliance, there are different options for different people. However, no matter the exact make and model invested in, there are two main types of coffee grinders: blade and burr. The following includes some basic information about the different types and what one can expect from these models.

The Types

There are two main types of coffee grinders: blade and burr. The type of grinder is based on how the machine grinds the beans. Some machines can grind beans into incredibly fine pieces that are even in size. Some appliances can even be used for more than just grinding beans: they can double as spice grinders, too. Knowing all of the options and purposes means that one can be sure their grinder does as much as possible.

Burr Coffee Grinders

Burr coffee grinders are a lot like pepper mills: grinding down the beans a bit at a time using metal disks with grooves or notches in them. Here, one disk will move while the other is still. These coffee grinders are usually heavier and larger than other options and are also more expensive, too. Coffee enthusiasts like burr coffee grinders because they produce finer grinds that are consistent in size. However, there may be more bitterness with the fine grinds produced by burr coffee grinders. If a coffee French press is being used, the a blade grinder is best because this type of coffee maker needs coarse grinds. However, higher functioning coffee makers and espresso machines will need the fine grinds of the burr options.

Blade Coffee Grinders

Blade grinders use a spinning blade attached to a motor to grind down coffee beans. These appliances are incredibly easy to use. Thus, they tend to be simple, great for beginners, and incredibly inexpensive. The great thing is that such grinders are easy to clean and they can also be used for other things like grinding spices. If the appliance is used to grind more than coffee, the user needs to be careful to clean the model between uses so that cross-contamination does not affect taste. A blade coffee grinder will grind down beans, but these grinds will not be uniform in size or perfectly fine. Still, this is a great option for people who want an affordable grinder that can be used with most drip coffee machines.

The best part about owning a coffee grinder is that one can be sure that they are drinking the best possible coffee. After all, grinding the beans one’s self ensures that the coffee is fresh and full of flavor. This is why it is important to invest in only the best coffee grinders. Deciding which model is best means taking the time to really think about the amount of size one has to work with, the type of coffee people enjoy, and the ease of use different grinders have to offer an individual. Really investigating the different options is important. Thus, research should be done on how each grinder works and which is best for what user. Doing so ensures that coffee beans will be ground to the person’s preference. Thus, the coffee will taste just right


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