Supplies to Have on Hand with Coffee Makers

A coffee maker in the home or office ensures that people will always have fresh coffee just a few steps away. However, one needs to be smart and ensure that all necessary supplies are also in the home, too. This means that coffee can always be made and will always suit the tastes of the people in the space. The following are some of the supplies that people should always have on hand with coffee makers.


Paper filters are an important piece of any home. After all, coffee needs to be brewed. Even if a coffee maker usually is brewed using a mesh filter, it is best to have back up paper filters on deck. These items are relatively inexpensive, can be bought in bulk, and are useful, too. No one wants to walk into the kitchen to brew their morning coffee only to realize that there are no more filters to be used. This could start a day off all wrong.

An Extra Carafe

The carafe is the piece of the coffee maker in which the coffee is brewed. This is an important piece of any appliance. However, it is normal for a carafe to get damaged over time, especially in places where coffee is brewed on a daily basis. This is why it is important to always have a spare carafe around. This ensures that even if a carafe is dropped and breaks that coffee can still be made. It is better to be prepared for a rainy day so that one does not have to go through the stress of not having a back up option.

Coffee Beans

It is important to always have coffee beans on hand, too. One may want to grind their own beans for an extra fresh taste. Having these on hand even if one does not normally grind beans is important. It ensures that everyone can be content when brewing coffee for the day.

Ground Coffee

A person can never have enough coffee on hand. This is a general rule. It is important to buy coffee in bulk so that there is never a moment where coffee is not around the home or office. The worst days are when a person is dying for a cup of coffee only to discover that the jar or can is nearly or completely empty. Protect against this so that it never happens!


Espresso is super rich and strong coffee. Some people like to not only have a cup of coffee to start their day but a shot of espresso to use in a delicious drink like a latte or cappuccino. This is why it is important to invest in such options so that there is always some delicious espresso around.

Creamer & Milk, Sugar & Sugar Alternatives

People like their coffee drinks in a number of different ways. Not everyone likes to have straight or black coffee. Some individuals only use milk and some only use creamer in their coffee. Some people like to have tons of sugar and milk whereas others will want soy milk and sugar alternatives. Having as many different milk, creamer, and sugar alternatives around ensures that everyone will be pleased when it comes to making and then personalizing their morning coffee.


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