How to Keep a Coffee Carafe Fresh

The carafe of a coffee maker is where all of the brewed coffee is stored. Heavy use of a coffee maker means that the carafe will need to be taken care of. Otherwise, odors and stains can occur, which in turn can make coffee taste stale or even bad. This is why people really need to learn how to take care of their coffee makers. This ensures that coffee will always taste rich, fresh, and refreshing. Otherwise, the oily residue of the coffee will definitely leave its mark. Cleaning a carafe means that it will last longer, too. The following are some tips for how to go about taking care of a coffee maker’s carafe so that it is clean and lasts for quite some time.

Regular Rinses after Use

Every single time a coffee maker is made, the carafe should be rinsed out with hot water. This is an easy thing to do. All a person has to do after drinking their morning coffee is to fill the carafe with hot water and to let it sit while the person is at work. When they get home, they can tip over the carafe, wipe it dry, and prepare it for the next day. This preventative measure ensures that coffee does not sit for long periods of time and that the carafe will not be stained with the oily residue that coffee can sometimes leave, especially when allowed to sit for a whole day.

Wash the Carafe a Few Times a Week

At least a few times a week, the coffee carafe should be washed. This can be as simple as throwing it in a dishwasher or it can be more intense. Most experts agree that the carafe should be washed out with a tablespoon of dish soap and with warm water. The interior of the carafe should be cleaned with a bottle brush or something similar. Don’t forget to also clean the outside of the carafe, including the bottom of the item.

Vinegar Once a Month

Once a month, one should use vinegar to clean out the carafe. This ensures that all oils and debris are taken care of. Not only will this prolong the life of the carafe, but it will ensure that no bacteria or issues are contained in the item. This protects a home’s coffee drinkers. To wash out with vinegar, one should first rinse the carafe with warm water and dish soap. Following this, the item should be filled with half water and half white vinegar. Users should allow the carafe to sit for an hour and a half. The vinegar will remove any residues that may be in the carafe. Following this, it is important to thoroughly rinse out the carafe so that no vinegar is left in the item.

Rinsing out and cleaning a carafe ensures that it will last for quite some time. Additionally, it means that one will never have to worry about their coffee tasting stale or about harmful bacteria growing in the item. This is something that will not take a lot of time and has some serious short and long term benefits.


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