How to Choose a Coffeemaker

Coffee machines are a valuable investment for any person. After all, who doesn’t like a nice cup of coffee in the morning? This is a great way to get a much needed boost in the morning. However, there are many different types of coffee machines available in today’s market. This is why it is important to weigh one’s options and to think about what one wants out of this appliance. With a plan in place, one can narrow down all of the options to select a coffee machine that is right for him or her. The following are some of the things a person should keep in mind when deciding which coffee machine is best.

The Amount of Coffee to Be Brewed

The first thing to consider is how much coffee will need to be brewed on a daily or weekly basis. If there is only one coffee drinker in the home and he or she only drinks a small amount, then a capacity of four cups should be fine. Some people do not even drink coffee but want to have such an appliance around in case loved ones want the option. This is where one-cup brewing machines can prove useful. However, families of coffee drinkers will benefit from coffee machines that have ten to twelve cup capacities. The more coffee that is consumed in a home, the larger the carafe or capacity of the coffee machine will need to be.

Type of Coffee

Not all coffee is the same. This is why it is important to consider the tastes of the coffee drinker when deciding on which model to invest in. After all, someone who wants mixed coffee drinks with espresso will need an espresso machine whereas someone wanting a quick cup of coffee may want a drip coffee machine. It is important to consider, too, whether or not pre-ground coffee will be used or if someone wants to invest in a coffee machine that comes with a grinder, too.

Energy Efficiency

Most appliances today are energy efficient. This is a solid way to save the environment while also saving on electricity bills. Check into this before a coffee machine purchase is made. After all, most of these appliances now promote the fact that they are efficient. Ensuring this is including in any potential appliance will have a positive effect on one’s budget and on the world as a whole.

Programmable Options or Not

The next thing to consider is if someone wants to have a programmable coffee machine. Today’s appliances are becoming more and more high-tech. Thus, one can invest in an appliance that can be set to brew coffee whenever the user wants. For example, one could load up the machine and program it to brew coffee before the person even wakes up. This efficiency makes life a whole lot easier. After all, who doesn’t want to wake up to freshly brewed coffee or to have this dealt with during a dinner party? Such an option saves a person a lot of time.

Automatic Safety Features

Today’s appliances feature safety features to ensure that appliances are not fire hazards and will not harm any children in the house. An important feature to consider with a coffee machine is an automatic turn off option. This ensures that the coffee machine will not be left on day in and day out and will not become a liability.

Pause Features

Some people are working with a tight schedule. This is where a pause function can really be beneficial. Not everyone has the time to sit and wait for a full batch of coffee to be brewed. Thus, some people enjoy having a pause function which allows the individual to stop the brewing so that a cup of coffee can be brewed. This option makes life easier and is useful.

Water Filter Options

Another important feature to consider when shopping for a coffee machine would be a water filter. Water is an important part of brewing coffee. However, not all water is clean or free of chemicals. Thus, some people like to look for coffee machines that also have built in water filters. This is important for people who have sensitive immune systems or for those who are sometimes allergic to the chemicals and found in water.

Consider the Usability of the Carafe

The carafe is one of the most important pieces of any coffee machine. After all, this is where the coffee is placed and poured. Thus, it is important to consider not only the size of this piece but also its design. The carafe should be comfortable in one’s hand and should make it easy to add water and to pour out coffee. Think about how the handle feels in one’s hand and also think about whether or not one wants a glass carafe or an insulated model.

Design of the Machine

Today’s coffee makers are becoming more and more sleek. Appliances around the world are really becoming sophisticated. Thus, one should think about how a coffee machine will affect the tone or look of the room. There are metal looking models, traditional black options, and there are brightly colored retro looking coffee machines, too. Thinking about how the design, color, and overall look of a machine will affect a kitchen ensures that the right model will be bought.

Read Reviews and Ratings

It is always important to do as much research on coffee machines as is possible. After all, this is a fairly big investment, especially for people who plan to use the appliance on a consistent basis. The best way to choose a coffee machine is to read everything from expert reviews in consumer focused publications to online reviews from customers who have bought different models. Reading anything and everything ensures that one will know what different coffee machines have to offer an individual.

There is a coffee machine out there for everyone. There are small options and there are those that are made for heavy use. Knowing a little bit about what one wants will no doubt help streamline the shopping process. The more coffee machines a person sees, the easier it will be to decide which is best for one’s home and life.


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