Different Types of Coffee Machines

Coffee is a standard item in most homes. This is a chance to start the day right. A cup or two of coffee can jump start an individual so that he or she is ready for work or for school. Some people take their coffee very seriously and drink a lot of it throughout the day and week whereas others are more casual consumers. Without the right cup of coffee, it can be hard to wake up in the morning and to stay alert, which can lower work performance and overall happiness. This is why it is important to have the right coffee maker in the home. This appliance ensures that people always have what they need to make a solid cup of coffee or to fill their thermos for the day. The following includes some basic information about the different coffee makers currently on the market.

The Basics of Coffee

When buying a coffee maker, one needs to understand the basics of coffee. Coffee is made from roasted beans that are then ground – finely or thickly – and then brewed with hot water. One can brew with the following processes: boiling, gravity, steeping, and pressure. The resulting coffee can include little to no bean particles. Different methods offer different flavors and thicknesses. Some people like their coffee strong whereas others like it mild.

The Basics of Espresso

Espresso is also made from coffee beans that are finely ground. However, espresso beans have a different roasting process and includes a different brewing process. Hot water is used, but it should not be boiling, and the water is then forced through tightly packed grounds. Espresso is thicker and stronger than coffee because of the higher amount of grounds. Espresso is measured in shots: each is about an ounce of liquid.

Drip coffee makers

Drip coffee makers are the most commonly used. Most homes have one of these. These appliances brew pre-ground coffee beans. Thus, one will need to buy pre-ground coffee or have a separate grinder for this process. Heated water is passed through the coffee grounds through a paper filter or fine wire mesh filter. The coffee pot sits on top of a heated plate to keep the coffee warm. These pots may be made of metal or glass. Many drip models can be pre-programmed to start automatically or for a delayed start. Some people may even program the coffee maker to brew at a certain point in the morning. Different models can make different amounts of coffee: a couple of cups or as many as twelve, if not more.

The French Press

The French Press, also commonly called a coffee pres, uses total immersion to brew the coffee. Here, ground coffee and hot water are placed in a cylinder for five to seven minutes and then a metal foil plunger is pressed down, which filters the grounds. Coffee is then left at the top of the coffee press. This type of coffee maker is best when coarse grinds are used.


Percolator models use the pressure from boiling water to push the water into a chamber that is located above the grinds. Then, these models use gravity so the water will pass through the coffee grounds. This process repeats a number of times until it is curbed by an internal timer. There are electric models as well as stove top options.

Pod Coffee Maker

Here, the grinds are placed in a pod. These appliances use pressure to push the water through this ground coffee. Most of these appliances produce only single serve or single cups of coffee.

Pressure Brew Options

A pressure brew appliance is one that has hot water that is then passed through ground beans and deposited into one’s cup. These items have digital settings, a water reservoir to use, and they sometimes also have a removable used-grounds reservoir.

Espresso Coffee Machines

Espresso is something that more and more people around the world are enjoying. Thus, it is normal that in-home espresso machines would also be more and more popular. Here, the espresso beans are ground then hot water is pushed through the tightly packed grinds. Many such appliances can make single or double shot portions.

Before any one model is invested in, one needs to think about his or her coffee needs. First, it is important to think about how much coffee is consumed on a daily basis. A casual drinker may be more than fine with a single cup type of coffee maker or appliance. However, families full of coffee drinkers may need appliances that can handle more than this. It is important, too, to think about whether one wants to grind his or her own beans or if they are content having a machine that does not have this feature. Different processes will be needed for regular coffee and for espresso, and this is important to consider when shopping for a coffee maker


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