Choosing a Coffee Grinder

Delicious tasting coffee is made from roasted beans. Different types of beans offer different flavors and intensities. For example, espresso is an extremely strong type of coffee. This type of coffee needs to be finely ground to work in an espresso machine (i.e. one has to tightly pack fine grounds together to produce the rich taste that espresso offers). This is why it is important to really pay attention to the different grinders on the market. Today, there are many different appliances from which a person can choose. Finding the right grinder means taking the time to really consider which grinder has what a person needs. The following are some types for how to choose which model to invest in.

The Two Main Types

There are two main types of coffee grinders: burr and blade. The difference is in how the beans are ground up. A blade grinder hack away at beans with blades that are attached to a motor. Burr coffee grinders operate much like a pepper grinder: perforated-like burrs crush the beans into fine grinds. Each of these types of grinders offer pros and cons. Thus, it is important to consider more than how the beans are ground up.

Know How Much Room Is Available

Different appliances take up different amounts of space. This is why it is important to know how much storage space is available. Blade coffee grinders tend to be smaller in size. Thus, a person working with a small studio or apartment may want a blade option because there is less counter space. Burr grinders take up much more space than blade models and they are often far heavier. People who are constantly moving or in need of a lightweight model may want to go with blade options whereas people with large kitchens may be able to handle a burr model.

Type of Coffee Machine

Different coffee makers need different things. This is why it is important to consider this model when investing in a coffee grinder. Blade coffee grinders produce more coarse and uneven grinds whereas burr coffee grinders produce finely ground coffee beans. A French Press produces the best coffee when the beans are coarsely ground whereas an espresso machine really needs finely ground beans to work. A blade coffee grinder is find for a drip coffee maker since the brewing does not call for finely ground beans.

Coffee Preferences

Some people like their coffee to be strong and rich in taste whereas others want mild-tasting options. This is important to consider when selecting which coffee grinder is best for the home. The more fine the coffee is, the more tightly it will be packed into a machine or filter. Thus, the coffee usually tastes stronger if it is finely ground. This is perfect for people who like a shot of espresso to start their morning. However, this is not ideal for someone who is only a casual coffee drinker.

Amount of Coffee to Be Made

Next, one should think about how much coffee he or she expects to make. Different grinders can produce different amounts of coffee. For an espresso shot, one will need quite a bit of finely ground beans to make such a drink. Thus, a burr grinder is an important investment. However, if someone wants to make a pot of coffee with a regular drip coffee maker, then it makes sense to go with a blade grinder that includes a large capacity. When shopping for grinders, pay attention to not only the actual size of the appliance but the capacity listed on the box. The capacity is how much coffee can be ground at one time.

Consider Ease of Use

Grinders are like any appliance: They need to be cleaned from time to time. Thus, it is important to consider how easy it is to clean different models. Blade grinders are usually easier to clean because they can be wiped out with a paper towel. However, a burr coffee grinder may need to be first disassembled to be cleaned.

Look for Timers

Timers are a great feature that many different grinders have today. This means that a person can multitask in the morning and get as much done as possible. This is perfect for people who want to grind coffee while also making breakfast. The only downside is that the grinds may not be as consistent or as finely ground as one might like. Still, for casual coffee drinkers, this is a small price to pay, especially during a busy morning.

Multi-Purpose Options

Some coffee grinders can do more than simply grind coffee beans. For example, many blade grinders can also grind spices. This is important for people who want to get the most out of this investment. Additionally, cooking enthusiasts will love having an item that can grind not only coffee beans but also spices, too. This saves a person a lot of time and energy.

Have a Budget

It is important to have a budget when shopping for a coffee grinder. Some people only want to spend thirty dollars whereas others want to spend far more so that they can invest in the very best grinders around. A small blade coffee grinder will only cost a small amount. However, burr options may cost more. It is important to think about what a coffee grinder has to offer. The more features included in this appliance, the more it can cost. This is why is important to think about what a person wants out of this grinder before making such an investment.

The right coffee grinder ensures that a person will always have fresh tasting coffee. This takes coffee to a whole different level. Such an appliance will really give people as many options as possible when it comes to buying and then making a pot of coffee for the morning or for a social engagement. This is an appliance that everyone should have in the home or the office.


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