Coffee filters as a universal household helpers

Filter bags can far more than just coffee filter or loose tea. They are important domestic helpers who are then on hand when other resources are lacking. Filter bags are available in almost every household and what you can do with the little paper bags everything we show you now.
Filter bags are tear resistant. They hold also high water temperatures and can be composted, as they consist of cellulose fibers.

Filter tomatoes or tzatziki.Tomato puree or real Tzatzsiki are usually too liquid to be used directly. Do you have enough time, swipe the tomatoes or the tzatziki through a coffee filter, then the consistency is much better.
Use a filter bag as a funnel, if you want to fill herbs or flour / sugar / Gries in a vessel with a narrow opening. To Cut off the top of the filter bag and put them on the opening. Carefully pour and hold the filter well.

You can use filter bags as fragrant herbs for soups or broths. Load the herbs and close the bag with a ribbon. Then hang them in the pot with the broth and cook the herbs so with.

Filter bags as Sponge replacement. With a wet filter bag you safely and quickly remove splashes from the mirror or the worktop and dirt from the window. With dry filter paper, you can then polish.

Filter bags in athletic shoes. Stink your sports shoes often? Then fill two filter bags with baking soda, seal it and then put it overnight in the sweaty shoes. The filter bags and the baking soda absorb moisture and odor.

Filter bags as a cosmetic paper replacement. Your nose glänzrt and no matting cloth is on the spot? Cut a paper filter into small squares and take this with a cloth replacement. Simply pressing on the shiny areas of the face and so the fat aspirate. The skin looks dull Рno additional powder.


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