New warning symbols on detergents

So far, warning signs were in Germany basically square with orange background. Now occurs the global harmonization of warning labels on chemicals, paints, cleaning agents and other products that can damage the health.

The new pictograms have been established by the United Nations. Background is the globalization of the economy. The marking of transports and goods should be so adjusted on every continent. Thus, the warning signs are easier to see, they are now available in a diamond design with a white background and black pictograms. Some well-known danger signs, such as the black cross (for poisoning) are replaced by new, more common international symbols.

The new scheme will enter into force as from 6.1.2015. From this date, products have to be marked with more than one ingredient with the new warning signs. All products that are newly manufactured must bear the warnings. For the products that are still on the market or in stock and carry the older warnings, a sales and transitional period of two years applies. For more information about the new, we found for you in the article “New warning symbols on detergents”.

What the new warning symbols mean?

1. Symbol with contoured torso

This symbol indicates this means / the liquid for the danger of swallowing. The symbol is also used when there is cause cancer or ingestion of the agent can be threatening to the fertility or the unborn child is.

2. Caution corrosive substances

Caution corrosive! There are burns of the skin and / or eyespossible

3. The exclamation point

Einf├╝hrung bis 2015: Neue Gefahrenzeichen auf Putzmitteln.  (Quelle: UNECE) General sign for irritant substances / liquids or vapors
The agent can cause severe skin and eye irritation.

4. The flame symbol

.Products with this warning are highly or extremely flammable..

5. The fish icon

Einf├╝hrung bis 2015: Neue Gefahrenzeichen auf Putzmitteln.  (Quelle: UNECE)The note with a fish and a tree represents an environmental hazard.


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