Coffee machine brewing systems

There are a variety of different coffee machines and fully automatic machines on the market today. But looked at from a purchase always the question of which device it should be, what price range and what coffee machine brewing systems is most suitable above all things. Here are the traditional version with the conventional filter bag, then there Express systems operating at high pressure and thereby force the water through the coffee. In the following some of these systems are presented.

The filter bag
The filter bag is the best known coffee machine brewing system that can be used for cooking coffee. The filter paper is merely to provide two slightly folded (bottom and sides), then it is placed into the existing hopper of the machine and filled with ground coffee. the boiling water flows then into the bag and filter only the coffee through.

In this system, coffee powder and boiling water is poured into the pot. Then, after approximately five minutes, a filter is pressed down, which separates the coffee powder from the finished coffee. This results in a particularly intense coffee flavor.

Espresso Maker
This coffee machine brewing, the powder is filled into a small pot. This is attached to the device and pressing a button boiling water at high pressure is forced from below through the powder. This creates the strong, good-tasting coffee.

These are the most common “coffee machine brewing systems”, each has its advantages and disadvantages.



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