New: Tchibo Tea-Capsules

Tea-Capsules are already on the market longer. Since there are capsules for various systems and really expensive tea makers. I had not been dealt with these capsules, I can be more broth tea and drink throughout the day instead of water. Tea bags are available at a cold or some night. That’s why I never thought to buy a tea maker and me to present the. You have already enough Appliances, standing around pointless ..

But I have a Tchibo Caffissimo capsule machine and allow myself quite times an espresso – or two – and Café Crema. The capsules I order directly on because we do not have a store nearby and I have no CV in capsule packets. CV = shipping. On my last order I then get three sample capsules with tea. And of course I’ve tried it.

Tchibo Classic

The capsules in the varieties of black tea, rooibos and fruit to work with the crema button. I was particularly fond of the flavor of black tea, my husband has rooibos vanilla tasted better. Ok, it is convenient: Capsule pure cup under it, press a button and the machine produces a tea that is perfect in taste and without additional infusion.

But, of course, convenience comes at a price: a mere € 2.69 for 10 capsules. But I could quite nicely get a lot of tea bag or a large packet of loose tea, when I look at offers. If you already have a Caffissimo machine and only sometimes want to drink a tea that is served well with these Teekapseln. Even in offices or clinics that’s a neat thing. Without bag hook and so on.

A bit can you save when ordering if you offer “8 for 7″ takes the Tchibo online shop. That is: 8 Pack of Capsules (a 10 capsules) order and pay 7. Is there coffee capsules and of course espresso.




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