Teekanne Tealounge system K-Fee

Now also Teekanne has hung in the kitchen equipment segment and presents a new tea machine for capsules. The Teekanne Tealounge is chic and functional.

While true connoisseurs prefer to brew their very special mix by hand these tea maker is perfectly aligned with our fast-paced time. Tea maker hire, pour water, capsule assume this and cup or glass of tea. By pressing a button, the tea is brewed – just after steeping time and with the right amount of water. That’s right handy especially for use in offices or clinics.

But buyers should be aware that the Teacapsules cost significantly more than loose tea or tea bags. The teapot Teekapseln fit in Nespresso machines. So who has such a capsule machine does not have to buy extra Tealounge the system.

I think the design of the Teekanne Tealounge managed machine and selection of teas is also ok. Scare me rather high prices, so I did not keep the machine in the end. If teapot makes the capsules sometime cheaper, the tea-urn stands firmly on my birthday or Christmas wish list. For the idea and implementation, there is a full 4 stars. One star deduction for the price and incidental costs through capsules.


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