GE 12 Cup digital coffeemaker

There are several coffeemakers on the market today. How to choose the right can be tricky. I have tried a few over the years, but the one coffeemaker that has truly stood above the rest is the GE 12  cup digital coffeemaker, model number 169209. 

Ge 12-cup Digital Coffee Maker


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It does not just make a plain cup of coffee, but it also has an option to make a gourmet cup. This comes in handy for those in the family that like their coffee strong. Also, this product comes with a water filter to help make the coffee taste its best, a reusable filter for coffee, and a two sided measuring scoop, one for regular coffee and the other for a gourmet cup.

The GE coffeemaker has some other great features as well. This maker has a clean button that notifies you when it needs to be cleaned. Then the machine does a specific cycle to ensure the maker gets absolutely clean.  In addition, this maker has a programmed timer, will tell you how long ago the coffee was brewed, set how long you want the coffeemaker to remain on, and even lets you adjust the temperature of the warming plate.

Although, nice, some things are not so great. I never use the reusable coffee filter. It seems to always let tiny particles of coffee through. Near the bottom of the pot, it is very cloudy and has an odd texture. Another issue is the coffee pot handle broke, while holding hot coffee. At the time, I had the machine for several years, and it had been in and out of storage, due to some moving. It is possible that the plastic had become compromised while in storage, or it could have been a bad pot. Either way, it was not a pleasant experience.


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