Mr. Coffee 12 Cup programmable Coffeemaker

I Love Coffee and I am happy to take the time to rate a coffee pot. I will list my credentials. My mother put a cup of coffee (cream and sugar, of course), in my hand at 9. Ever see the mugs on the wall at a coffee shop? That would be me.

My all time favorite is Mr. Coffee, 12 cup Programmable, with Pause ‘n Serve. This is the true addict’s coffee pot.

Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe Option, Chrome

Price: $42.95

3.4 out of 5 stars (6706 customer reviews)

18 used & new available from $17.01

Every feature of this coffee pot adds to it’s desirablity. The 12 cup feature is crucial. a real coffee drinker will deplete a 4 cup pot before they are awake.

Pause ‘n Serve is the feature I specifically went looking for the last time I went shopping. Who wants to wait for the pot to fill? I never have. In the past, I made the sacrifice and cleaned the mess. With Pause ‘n Serve, no patience, no mess.The programmable feature is a bonus. What coffee drinker is co-ordinated before they’ve had their coffee? Nobody. With the programmable feature you almost don’t need an alarm clock. The smell of coffee will pull you out of bed all by itself.

┬áMr. Coffee 12 cup Programmable with Pause ‘n Serve has a 2 hour shut-off feature. Of course it’s a safety feature. Honestly, though, after 2 hours, coffee is stale. When the pot is off, and the coffee is cold, you know it’s time for a new pot.So there you have it. Mr. Coffee 12 cup Programmable with Pause ‘n Serve is the addict’s choice. On a scale of 1 to 5, it’s a 7 for sure. I call mine Bob.


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