Which Coffee maker ist best for single household?

Why I bought a Keurig coffee maker

I bought a Keurig coffee maker because of its convenience. Like most people I do not want a whole pot of coffee to myself. The little, single K-cups sold for the Keurig make it so easy to brew cup-by-cup. Plus, it is always so much fun picking out what flavor I want to try next! My favorite is “Jamaica Me Crazy” k-cup, even the names are fun. There are hundreds of different flavors, so I never get tired of the same boring coffee every morning.

Even my family enjoys it. My little sister loves picking the cup size, putting the K-cup in the canister, and pressing brew. She even begs me to let her make my coffee!

The best part of owning a Keurig is that I save money on coffee warmers and throwing out coffee I never had time to finish, which always made me feel guilty. The one down-side to this coffee maker is buying the K-cups; they get rather expensive.

But, I found out that many people sell them on Amazon.com and Ebay for a much lower price. Also, other coffee makers cost a bundle, even an arm and a leg at times; but, the Keurig is usually under two hundred dollars (depending on where the customer shops).

I got mine for only one hundred and nineteen dollars! I give this product five stars***** and recommend it to everyone I know.


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