Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

The Mr. Coffee 12-cup programmable coffeemaker is wonderful to use in the morning. I can set it the night before, and I know that I will have a fresh pot of coffee waiting in the morning.

The numbers are easy to read, and the buttons are easy to use when setting the desired amount of coffee I want to make. The feature that made me purchase this coffeemaker is that I can pause the brewing process, pour a cup of coffee, and start the process again. This makes it easy to get ready in the morning and not worry about waiting for the entire pot to finish. There is an automatic shut-off so that I don’t have to worry about turning the coffeemaker off when I leave.

This ”Mr. Coffee 12-cup programmable coffeemaker” is easy to clean whether I do it myself or let it run through its own cycle.

The modern design and appearance of the Mr. Coffee 12-cup programmable coffeemaker look great in my kitchen, and the colors are sure to blend well with any other home. I would buy this product again, and I would give it a 5* rating.


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