Bunn GRX-B 10-cup coffee maker

Is the Bunn GRX-B 10-cup coffee maker the one you have been searching for? Let’s see how it adds up.

Bunn O Matic 10 Cup Velocity Professional Coffee Brewer (Certified Refurbished)

Price: $158.90

3.2 out of 5 stars (11 customer reviews)

1 used & new available from $158.90


Okay this pot is great if you want a quick cup of coffee. It will brew a pot in 3 minutes or less. And it is great for those who go through pot after pot of coffee. But if you only make a pot occasionally this is probably not the coffee maker for you. The reservoir of water has to be kept hot at all times, so you have to keep the coffee maker plugged in continuously, which is not very economical. If you don’t use the water that is stored and slowly heated in the reservoir, it will slowly evaporate. The coffee seems to come out weak unless you put in way more than you usually do. And if it sits too long, it gets a scorched taste to it.

One of the features that will draw you in to buying this Bunn GRX-B 10-cup coffee maker is the stainless steel water tank instead of plastic, which makes the coffee taste better. There is hot water availabe for tea, which is nice if you have tea drinkers as well as coffee drinkers. There is also a warming plate which comes in handy.

You do need to purchase special Bunn filters for this model, as regular ones are not tall enough. But even with the special filters, there seems to be spillage. The water seems to drip out too fast for the filter cup to do its job, and there is overflow. There have been complaints about the stainless steel reservoir becoming scalding hot to the touch and therefore dangerous.

There is no auutomatic shut off on the heating pad, so you may forget to turn it off occasionally.

Bunn makes excellent business coffee makers, but this model just doesn’t seem to be good for home use. Unless you make many pots of coffee a day at your home or always leave your coffee pot on or brewing, this model just seems to be a waste for making one pot of coffee. Over use of electricity and leaking problems would steer me to another brand.

It is a quick 3 minute cup of coffee, but there are many other coffee makers that will do the job just as quickly without all the problems this machine seems to have. I would give it 2 stars. **


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