Melitta Coffee Grinder Review

The Melitta Coffee Grinder ist easy to use, stylish  – and settled in a low price segment. This are good reasens to by it for my kitchen. The Coffee Grinder ha a black colour, a strong stand on the table and is not to noisy while it works.

Melitta Coffee Grinder


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Meliita offers with this little machine a hand free operation which is true. Their Melitta Coffee Grinder is very easy to operate. Just fill the coffee beans in, choose the amount of cups you like to brew and the grind fines.

After finishing the grinding you can remove the grinding chamber to place the coffee direct into the filter or automat. Easy to clean.

The coffee grinder is also usable for spices, nuts or cereals. Some Man would use it as well for dry dogfood to prepare baits for fishing :-). But the best use is grinding coffee. **** Stars


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