Presto 2822 6 Cup Coffee Maker Review

The Presto 2822 6 Cup Coffee Maker is a percolator that is made to quickly and efficiently produce fresh coffee. This type of coffee maker has been around for a long time. It’s a classic appliance most commonly found in hotels and small apartments. The fast brewing speed is just one of the many reasons for why people invest in such a coffee maker. The following are some of the chief benefits of investing in the ”Presto 2822 6 Cup Coffee Maker” appliance.

Presto 02822 6-Cup Stainless-Steel Coffee Percolator

Price: $29.99

4.1 out of 5 stars (5909 customer reviews)

57 used & new available from $27.89

Mobility of the Appliance

The Presto 2822 6 Cup Coffee Maker is a great investment for college students, young adults, and businessmen who are always on the move. This appliance is small and lightweight and is easy to move from location to the next. This is exactly why hotels so commonly invest in such models for each of their rooms and for their waiting rooms. This percolator can make six cups of coffee in just six minutes or less. This makes the model great for busy professionals who want to always have coffee on hand and are moving from one hotel to the next or from one meeting to the next.

Easy to Clean

The filter of this model is easy to clean as is the outside of the stainless steel model. Additionally, the spout is designed to keep spilling and dripping at a minimum. This is important for someone who has little time to clean up small messes in the kitchen. Having an item that will not collect mold or debris is important so that coffee is always tasting fresh and people in the home are always protected from such items.

Keeps Coffee Warm

One of the many great things about the Presto percolator is that it keeps coffee warm for long periods of time. The automatic keep-warm model of the appliance means that the two to six cups of coffee produced by the Presto percolator will be warm well into the afternoon or even in to the evening. This means that no coffee will be wasted just because it got cold, people will always have a cup of coffee a few steps away, and one can save money and make the most of their time and resources.

Cool Knob and Handle

Forget lifting up a percolator only to realize it’s incredibly hot. This model includes a cool knob and handle so that no one is injured simply picking up the coffee maker and pouring a cup. This protects everyone in the family from accidental burns, something very important with children and teens in the home.

Doubles as a Teapot

Another great thing about this Presto percolator is that it doubles as a tea pot. All a person has to do is wash the model, add water, and plug it in. Soon, there is hot water to use for people’s favorite teas. This flexibility is why people around the world have long loved percolators, especially Presto models.

Stainless steel percolators have been around for quite some time. Homes, offices, and businesses of all types can get great use out of this lightweight and incredibly useful appliance. The stainless steel machines are easy to transport and they can keep coffee and hot water warm for long periods of time. This streamlines the coffee making process and ensures that the brewing process is easy and time efficient. Why have to wait nearly a half hour for coffee to be made when it can be brewed in just a few seconds? This is the joy of this Presto model and why both stay at home mothers and college students are loyal to Presto percolators.


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